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Time’s Fool Company Time’s Fool Company Time’s Fool Company Time’s Fool Company

We at Time’s Fool Company believe every community should have its own theatre. The art and culture we cultivate is a lasting legacy to future generations. We know that art can transform communities by improving public health (watching theatre with others lowers your blood pressure) and energizes business districts.

We are passionate about looking at classic works and timeless tales and presenting them in new, exciting and engaging ways.

We look for those elements in stories that we can share collectively.

We strongly believe in the fundamental idea that art is a human right. We aim to achieve this ideal through access to professional theatre by removing barriers such as ticket costs for productions. We also remove barriers by creating work that is shared in public, shared, found, and community spaces.

In our work we strive to remain curious, think creatively, and build community.

We believe that the rehearsal room should be filled with love, kindness, generosity, insatiable curiosity, and a desire to make some simple magic. Oh, and to keep it playful.

We are proud to support local artists and creators in Connecticut, New England, and New York and seek to not only foster theatre makers and grow our community but actively contribute to the already amazing network of artists, musicians, performers, and theatre makers in the Greater Hartford Area and beyond.

At Time’s Fool we respectfully recognize that by being in Wethersfield, CT we are on the traditional, unceded, and ancestral territory of the Mohegan and Wappinger, Wangunks, Tunxis, and Podunk people who stewarded this land for generations. They were telling their stories here first.



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150 Main St.
Wethersfield, CT 06109
United States

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