Spencer-Rice Preserve

Comprised of two parcels, one of which is protected by a conservation easement and the second one having been purchased outright. It is this second parcel that trails have been developed on. The 16-acre parcel was purchased at a generouse below market price from the estate of Caroline B. Rice in the spring of 2001.

The features valued by the town and state largely rest on the dense forested hillside and its relationshop to Bryant's Brook in the valley below. Sugar maple, several oak species and red cedar dominate the forest. The understory has telltale features of excess deer browsing in that it essentially lacks shrub species and consists mostly of maple saplings.

The trail system of the preserve links this parcel to eight acres owned by the Wilton Land Conservation Trust to the south. Combined the two properties offer a gentle walk with peaceful woodland views, streamside walking and in the springtime, the opportunity to observe a vernal pool.


Raymond Lane
Wilton, CT 06897
United States

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