Old Oak Tavern

In 1780, General George Washington and the Marquis de Lafayette had a meeting under an oak tree in Gaylordsville, Connecticut.  They were here in the middle of the American Revolution.

The Old Oak Tavern was built for the first Post Office and General Store in Gaylordsville.  Reverend Peter Gaylord originally built it in 1805 and many of the original timbers and structure remain. We have created the Old Oak Tavern as a salute to the Washington Oak in Gaylordsville where General George Washington met under the tree with his troops in 1789. He was on his way to Hartford to meet the French who assisted us in winning our independence. Washington also met with Reverend Peter Gaylord, for whom Gaylordsville is named, for lunch on that day.

The Old Oak Tavern provides a comfortable, casual dining experience providing good food served by friendly staff. We source locally as much as is available and when in season because we believe that supporting our local businesses is important in all our success. We hope you enjoy your experience and come and see us often as our specials change regularly. If you don’t see something that you like let us know and we will try to accommodate you. Also, feel free to check out the local artists in our art gallery on the second floor.


1 South Kent Rd.
Gaylordsville, CT 06755
United States

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