Rive Bistro

Rive is a French Bistro on the Saugatuck River in Westport, created by Chef Eric Sierra whose Bistro des Amis in downtown Westport was, for a decade, the go-to place of some of the world's best French bistro cooking. Like the legendary bistros of Paris, Rive is warm, and convivial, a true bistro populaire.

The dining room, with a wrap-around wall of windows overlooks a bend in the river, there is a fireplace for winter, and in warm weather there is an outdoor patio that feels like a cafe on the Seine. 

With suave lighting, urban decor and, of course, un comptoir (a bar) serving hip cocktails and wine by the glass, Rive is very much of-the -moment, as popular Parisian bistros today. 

All that being true, Rive Bistro's distinguishing feature, its primordial allure is boldly delicious, deeply satisfying home-style French bistros are famous for.

Hemingway would love it.


299 Riverside Ave.
Westport, CT 06880
United States

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