Mr. J Asian Bistro

Japanese, Thai and Chinese cuisine done right.

Why settle for fast food or a supermarket sushi special, when you can come here and get fresh sushi? Not only is it fresh, but you get two choose what you want, not what the roving sushi maker decides. Seriously, our sushi bar lunch specials include a bowl of miso soup, salad, 5 pcs of assorted sushi, and a California roll. Want Unagi, sashimi or Chirashi lunch specials? We have that as well for slightly more. We also offer lunch specials on our Thai and Chinese cuisine. From Pad Thai Noodles to spicy basil duck to General Tso's chicken to Chow/Lo Mein, we have what you are looking for. Chinese lunch specials include a choice of rice, a spring roll and the soup of the day. Thai lunch specials include your choice of rice and daily soup. Please note all noodle specials do not include rice. Oh, and one last thing. If you need to make this a "working" business lunch, we have free wi-fi as well.


100 Village Walk.
Guilford, CT 06437
United States

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