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Connecticut Revolution Trail

Follow the story of the American Revolution in Connecticut through nine themed driving tours, many with bicycle-friendly sections. You can download historical narratives, biographies and Google maps.

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Nathan Hale, Ethan Allen, Benedict Arnold and Israel Putnam were just a few of the many major players in the American Revolution, who had deep roots in Connecticut. Take one or more of the nine themed driving tours, each contains many bicycle-friendly sections. Visit the website and download historical narratives, biographies of key figures and Google mapls of the routes.

Pick a route or even a portion of a route to drive or bicycle and see Connecticut’s American Revolution story unfold as you move through the landscape. Suddenly small historic markers will have context and French flags near stone memorials will make sense.

What a cast of characters Connecticut had, from the famous: Ethan Allen, Benedict Arnold, Nathan Hale, Israel Putnam, to the quietly influential, like General David Humphreys, aid-de-camp to General George Washington and diplomatic advisor to Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and Benjamin Franklin. Of course some of the most colorful players we will never know by name, just by action. During the American Revolution privateers essentially pirates sanctioned by the state of Connecticut to go after British  loot packed New London with cargo and supplies seized from the Redcoats.  One of the most vicious attacks of the war took place in the same town as the traitor Arnold returned to his home state in 1781to flush the privateers out and wound up burning the town to the ground. Civilians died. People lost everything they owned.  

Despite such dramatic tales, many of the most interesting aspects of Connecticut’s remarkable contributions to the war lie in the subtle corners. Governor Trumbull organizes a cattle drive to Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, and helps save General Washington’s troops from starvation. A spy ring takes root along the shores of Long Island Sound. The Salisbury factory produces more than 800 cannons; Connecticut provided more military and basic supplies to the Patriot cause than any other state, earning it the nickname the Provision State.

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