Smash Avenue Smash Avenue Smash Avenue Smash Avenue

Smash Avenue Smash Avenue Smash Avenue Smash Avenue

A Smash Room is a safe, fun environment for you to release any pinned-up frustration, anger, anxiety and stress caused by life’s daily challenges.

To make it clear, this is your place to vent by smashing a room full of breakable objects. Welcome to a judgement free zone where you can yell, laugh, cry and smash your way into a better mental space, and have a great time doing it!

We provide you with breakable items ranging from glassware to electronics. But before you go all Incredible Hulk, we ensure that you are draped in protective gear so that you can smash safely. Our protective gear includes, coveralls, hard hats with face shields, gloves, and chest protectors. We also provide the tools for you to smash the breakable items with. Crowbar, Bat, Mallet, Pipe and more.

Must be 18 years of age or older to book a smash session.

No person under 17 will be allowed without parental consent. Ages 11-16 allowed accompanied by parent or legal guardian (must smash with the minor).


Thu.-Fri. 5-8, Sat. 12-8, Sun. 12-6.

635 New Park Ave.
Bldg. 2E
West Hartford, CT 06110
United States

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