Pataka Vegetarian Indian Food

A popular slang term used throughout India, "pataka" translates to "firework" in English, you know, the bursts of vibrant color and earth-shattering intensity that tend to leave you speechless.

Rooted in spice, our menu captures a similar sensory experience: one that's BRIGHT, BOLD, and LOUD.

But make no mistake, Pataka is for the hesitant novice as much as the adventurous veteran of Indian cuisine. To prove it, we've created a fast-casual space that deviates from the typical curry house lunch buffet—our own unique attempt at challenging the stereotypes that plague Indian restaurants everywhere. Offering a customizable, veggie-forward menu in a colorful, modern setting, we strive to present the authentic South Asian flavors we love as simply and accessibly as possible.


140 Howe St.
New Haven, CT 06511
United States

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