George Dudley Seymour State Park

Immerse yourself in George Dudley Seymour’s personal dream of large-scale land protection.  Mr. Seymour and his foundation contributed to the protection of eight state parks and one state forest. This park, which bears his name, protects a valuable mile of Connecticut River frontage and a significant grassland habitat along the river.

Activities include bird watching, hiking, cross-country skiing, hunting, and fishing.

A trail leading from the end of Clarkhurst Road leads past old foundations to a broad, grassy, Connecticut River tidal flat. Interpretive signs assist the visitor in the interpretation of the foundations of the estate on the landscape. Rock cliffs offer scenic views to the west and south.

It is interesting to note that native grasses across the state have been altered or replaced over time as a result of various land uses. But here on these floodplain soils, grass species that date from the 1600s or earlier can be found. These grasses predate European colonization and represent a time only the Native peoples were witness to. These and other grasslands within the park provide an excellent location for bird watching. In the spring of some years, the DEEP manages this habitat with mowing and through controlled burns.

Combined with Hurd State Park adjoining to the north, these two properties protect two and a half miles of Connecticut River frontage and 1,249 acres (nearly two square miles) of Connecticut River valley property.


Clarkhurst Rd.
Haddam, CT 06422
United States

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