Fitstyle Walking Tours

Explore Yale and Downtown New Haven in 5,000 steps. See the city and find time for exercise with this briskly paced walk. You'll be guided by me, Shana Schneider, a Yale alumna and New Haven resident. I'll take you along paths and walkways that you may not have seen before and share some fun insider tips along the way.

We walk at a moderate fitness pace, keeping to about a 20-minute mile on paved paths and sidewalks. There may be one "surprising" hill, but otherwise, the routes are flat and stroller friendly. All ages welcome. You'll forget that you're even exercising as you learn more about Yale and New Haven's culture, architecture, and history. The tours combine fitness with routes featuring Yale's campus and iconic buildings like Sterling Memorial Library, public art installations, shopping and dining districts, museums and theaters, the Yale Farm and more.


New Haven, CT 06511
United States

Map & Directions