Ellen Larned Museum & Old Town Hall

Over 100 years ago, Ms. Ellen Larned, Windham County's most famous historian and a native of Thompson, Connecticut, dedicated a small library building on Thompson Hill. Now, that library building has been given a new lease on life thanks to the Thompson Historical Society. Society members Beth Greene and Barbara Weaver have led a team of energetic volunteers for the better part of a year to create a wonderful addition to the Thompson scene. Beth Greene's creative spirit, hard work and determination to see the job through coupled with Barbara Weaver's outstanding administrative abilities have brought forth a museum worthy of Thompson's illustrious past. The permanent exhibit is titled "The Ten Villages of Thompson" and features panels with archival photos and text on the history of each of the ten villages of which Thompson is comprised. Artifacts from each village are also on display. The exhibit alone is outstanding and in the setting of the old library, now given new color and vibrancy, the visitor almost steps back on full century to when the library was newly opened to the public in 1902.



Thompson Green
(Rte. 193)
Thompson, CT 06277
United States

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