The Conduit Sound The Conduit Sound The Conduit Sound The Conduit Sound

The Conduit Sound The Conduit Sound The Conduit Sound The Conduit Sound

The Conduit Sound is a troupe of musicians performing for meditation events all over Connecticut and the Northeast. Based in central Connecticut - they host events for the public to attend and experience a Sound Bath or Sound Meditation for personal mind-body wellness.

Sound Meditation is an experience where live instrumentation provides an environment that reduces mind-chatter and external distraction to increase the effectiveness of a meditation practice. Attendees are able to find quickly tap into the benefits of a meditation practice, such as a reduction in levels of stress, anxiety, and depression. The practice is inclusive to people of all ages, experience levels, and cultural backgrounds as it taps into the biological nature of the effects of sound on the human mind & body.

The Conduit has been performing since 2008. They are frequently brought in to perform in corporate settings and at colleges & universities to showcase stress-management reduction techniques. The collaborative team also had the pleasure of hosting regular events out of their own studio (The Conduit Center) in East Hartford from 2010 - 2020 only to be closed due to the global pandemic. They have evolved to a practice where the team now partners with studios all over the state to host regular weekly events for the communities of Connecticut.


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$25-35 per person at events

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124 Lake St
Coventry, CT 06238
United States

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