Making the Most of Wine Country Last Updated: March 2023

Connecticut vineyards and long afternoons fit together as snugly as corks do into bottles, and there are now more vineyards here than ever before for you to explore and enjoy. The Connecticut Department of Agriculture now lists dozens of vineyards and farm wineries on its website, including at least one in each of our eight counties. Here are some suggestions on how to best enjoy your visit. Check out a full listing of Connecticut's vineyards and farm wineries.

Fine Dining

It has always been possible to find cheese, fruit and crackers or bread at most Connecticut vineyards, and a couple now offer fine dining and extensive menus as well.

Wine Country & Passport

The Connecticut Vineyard and Winery Association’s blue signs help guide you to and among the wineries that now make up Connecticut Wine Country. Throughout the year, the Trail hosts tastings and events, as well as sample itineraries, to help you get the most of what Connecticut has to offer. Also of note is the Wine Country’s Passport Program, for which members get a chance to win prizes.

Judges’ Favorites

But what about the wine itself? A couple of years ago, Connecticut Magazine invited judges to sample Connecticut wines and judge them in six categories. Their favorite wines were: