Stony Creek Museum

The Stony Creek Museum celebrates the rich history of a Connecticut shoreline village, which grew out of the pink granite underlying its soil. The quarries in the area provided stone for the foundation of the Brooklyn Bridge, the Statue of Liberty and the facades of many Manhattan Skyscrapers. Immigrants arriving throughout the world to work the quarries formed a diverse and eclectic community. Other attractions show in the exhibits include the well known Stony Creek Fife and Drum Corps, historic fire fighting equipment, and puppets from the Weil family Sicilian puppet collection. A century old Apothecary Store complete with original drugs is also displayed.

A major feature of the town is its beautiful shoreline and the Thimble Islands. From the mid-1800s, the area attracted wealthy industrialists from central Connecticut who built grand homes and visited the many hotels both on shore and on the islands.

After visiting the museum, you can take a tour on the sightseeing tour boats around the Thimble Islands. Enjoy a day of exploration, education and enrichment for the entire family.

Other amenities: Dining Nearby, Parking, Self-guided tours



84 Thimble Island Rd.
Stony Creek, CT 06405
United States

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