Historic Rowayton

Historic Rowayton preserves one of the most important historic collections in the state of Connecticut. It is our mission to help our community discover the fascinating history of Rowayton, a small maritime village on Long Island Sound.

The renovated boathouse hosts exhibits on specific topics such as local oystering families, Native Americans, hurricanes, ship builders, sailing heroes, and maritime disasters. It will also have a permanent exhibit on the ecological history of the Long Island Sound, highlighting the flora, fauna, and marine life that flourish in our waters, centered around a hand-painted mural. Also on display is a collection of beautifully built model working boats of New England donated by Richard Woods. In conjunction with these exhibits and new space, we will present a range of fun and engaging programs that connect the community with our maritime history.

Sites include the Antique Tool Barn, Pinkey House, and the Raymond Boathouse Maritime Museum.


177 Rowayton Ave.
Norwalk, CT 06853
United States

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