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Firefly Farms Firefly Farms Firefly Farms Firefly Farms

We are certified humane, thus our animals recieve care, shelter, pastures, attention, treats and all sorts of interaction which enrich their lives and promote good health. We chose our animals for their marvelous flavor profiles. We go the extra mile to make sure they are the best tasting meat ever. Our heritage breed animals have long and colorful histories. Briefly, The Randall Cattle, a Vermont Landrace breed, pulled cannon for George Washington in the Revolutionary War. They are still preferred for pulling oxen and show up in many fairs. The mulefoot hogs are descended from the Iberco ham hogs of Spain. They have extraordinary flavor. Our Randall cattle is grass fed and grass finished. They remain alkaline throuhgout their lives which is what nature intended it for ruminants. Research has shown that grass finished meat contains more Omega 3 fatty acids which are "heart healthy" and may help prevent cancers. It also has much higher levels of Vitamin E than grain finished beef. It tends to be a little leaner, although ours have good marbling, which decreases the number of calories.

We adore showing off the farm and would love to personally introduce you to our animals. We have an open farm policy which means if the gate is open, please come in. However, if you want a proper farm tour we ask that you contact us to make an appointment. We are a working farm which means there may be times when we have major projects that require all hands and cannot give the time your visit deserves.

For school groups, please contact us to make arrangements.


Mon.-Fri. 7:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. *Sun. by appointment only.

96 Button Road
North Stonington, CT 06359
United States

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