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Barnes Museum (c.1836)

Within these walls are the lives of three generations of family history dating as early as 1836. Experience the world of the Barnes family through the artifacts, art, and history that defined their lives. 


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Step into Southington's past in the historically preserved home of Bradley and Leila Barnes—known today as the Barnes Museum. Guests will be guided through 17 rooms filled with art, antique furniture, and personal belongings from the Edwardian and Victorian Era. Admire the unique textiles in the museum’s collection, including Victorian gowns, top hats, and button laced boots of the past. Reflect on the super-speed at which technology has advanced by seeing the many innovative mechanisms Bradley kept during his life. Enjoy the views of the historic garden through the fantastical conservatory known today as the Goblet Room. You won’t want to miss seeing this charming, unique, and original historic homestead.


Pricing: Adults $8, Seniors $6, Students $4.

Other Amenities: Open After COVID, Guided Group Tours, Planned Activites, Special Rentals



85 N. Main St.
Southington, CT 06489


Wed.-Fri. 1-5. Select Saturdays: hours may vary, check with the website.

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