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Dining in Connecticut — from Farm to Fork

Connecticut has a long-standing reputation for fine dining, as well as a strong farming heritage. Many of the restaurants here have depended upon locally-grown foods and products for generations — long before there was a “farm-to-table movement.” Today, we’re proud of the many chefs and culinary professionals who build their innovative menus around sustainable, local ingredients, and we’re honored to have so many of the farmers, fishermen and other producers continue to bring the freshest, finest product to our tables.

Farm to Truck

Food trucks have progressed far beyond serving hot dogs and ice cream. Today there are food trucks serving high cuisine, fresh seafood, ethnic specialties, menus that cater to special diets and more.  And in Connecticut, many of these food trucks are powered by the farms that supply them, such as:

  • The Farm Belly, which can be found at the Wooster Square farmers’ market in New Haven, throughout the city streets, and at special events.
  • The Bounty food truck brings their signature burgers to farmer’s markets and festivals throughout Fairfield County.
  • Craving hot buttered lobster? The Lobstercraft food truck brings their freshly caught and prepared catch to towns and events up and down the southwestern Connecticut shoreline.

Dining Down on the Farm

Can’t wait for your fresh, local-grown specialties to come to you? Several restaurants, such as River Tavern and Millwright’s offer special dining events that take place at local farms. And here are a few of the other places you can capture the truly magical experience of dining right on the farm.

  • A group of Connecticut farms come together for Madison’s and East Lyme's Dinners at the Farm, offering memorable menus and mouthwatering dining experiences that also benefit good causes.
  • Popular dinner series hosted by the Max Restaurant group, Max Chef to Farm Events offer ever changing locations throughout the state and extraordinary menus. 

Other Great Farm-To-Table Experiences

With so many farms working to produce high-quality, sustainable products right here in Connecticut, it’s no wonder that so many chefs are inspired to craft innovative and creative cuisine around them. Here are a few more places worth exploring:

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Connecticut, Delivered Right to Your Fingertips

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