Central Connecticut's Photo-worthy Pizza Last Updated: July 2023

Hartford, Middlesex and New Haven counties are home to many award-winning pizza places, including the #1 best pizza in America. From thin to thick crust, these pies are crafted together with wild combos that will have you leaving your typical foodie comfort zone.

Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana, Multiple Locations


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Probably the most well-known pizzeria in the whole state and is continuously ranked as the best pizza in America by national food publication The Daily Meal. Frank Pepe is nearing 100 years of serving traditional food of great quality—try its signature white clam pie to taste what everyone raves about.

“I liked how fresh all the ingredients were and how crispy the crust was! Being at Frank Pepe’s made me feel like I was somewhere famous and special, yet cozy and casual.” - @jersey.munchies

Sally’s Apizza, New Haven


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Many famous names have walked through the doors of Sally’s Apizza to try its popular handmade and coal-fired pies, such as its tomato pie. The Daily Meal named Sally's pizza as the #9 best in the country and suggests its white potato variety with potato, onion, mozzarella, imported Parmesan and rosemary.

Modern Apizza, New Haven


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With one bite of Modern Apizza’s famous Italian Bomb you can taste perfection that’s been over 50 years in the making. It was ranked as the #16 best pizza in America by The Daily Meal.

“This pizza was extremely filling with robust, well-balanced flavors. My family enjoyed the combination of meat and green peppers.” - @dining_diva

Zuppardi’s, West Haven


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Homemade is the name of the game at Zuppardi's! With roots in the southern coast of Italy, this family-owned business is known for its award-winning traditional plain pie, which was ranked as the #45 best pizza in the country by The Daily Meal.

“No trip here is complete without having the white clam pie. They freshly shuck every one of the littleneck clams after you order your pizza, then add fresh garlic, olive oil, dried oregano, and cracked red pepper.” - @cityfoodsters

Bar, New Haven


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Bar is so well known for its mashed potato and bacon pie that even The Daily Meal has taken notice. The national publication ranked Bar's unique creation as #47 on its list of "101 Best Pizzas in America".

“Who needs a breakfast sandwich when you have breakfast pizza?! In a sandwich the flavors are layered and smashed together. In the pizza, the garlic, onion, basil and bacon are allowed to cook into the melting cheese and sauce. It becomes one symphonic expression of a delicious morning” - @bar_newhaven

Savoy Pizzeria & Craft Bar, West Hartford

Specially milled flour and other secret ingredients combine to make delicious dough for Savoy’s array of wood-fired red and white pies.

“Savoy’s Pizza is hard to beat. Best pizza dough around, and the pizza is not greasy. The raised pie is a vegan pie–my vegan friend is convinced it’s the best around. I’m not vegan and I even thought it was delicious!” - @the.brunching.blonde

Ernie’s Pizza, New Haven

With 40 years of pizza making under its belt, Ernie’s Pizza has perfected its plain pie enough for it to find a spot on the ‘101 Best Pizzas in America’ list.

“Ernie’s Pizzeria made a perfect balance of crispy, chewy thin crust, savory garlic, robust local tomatoes and buttery mozzarella cheese with a hint of basil.” - @tasteofnewhaven

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