Beyond Stars Hollow: Gilmore Girls Inspiration in Connecticut Last Updated: November 2023

Each year, fans gather in Litchfield County to celebrate Connecticut’s favorite fictitious town, Stars Hollow. Explore the magic by experiencing the Gilmore Girls Experience at Delamar West Hartford. Here are some other cities and towns around the state featured in the popular television show Gilmore Girls that are worth a visit.


Hartford – Almost every episode featured Friday night dinner at Rory’s grandparents' house in the city. Take a drive down Prospect Avenue and Scarborough Street in Hartford, and the majestic homes will make you feel like you’re in Richard and Emily Gilmore’s neighborhood.

While you’re there… the Gilmore Girls couldn’t live without coffee, so stop for a cup at Story and Soil, then do what bookworm Rory would do and head to the historic homes of these famous authors! Plus find more literature getaway ideas and coffee shops throughout Connecticut.


New Haven – Home to the campus of Rory’s alma mater, Yale University. The university is closed to the public during the pandemic, but there's certainly plenty of fun to find in New Haven.

Spend some time shopping downtown like Lorelai did when she was looking for her “new getting-back-together-with-Luke dress,” at The Shops at Yale. When you’re done hitting the shops, grab some of the Girls’ favorite foods—burgers, pizza, tacos and ice cream—at one of these local spots! And Rory wouldn't miss the Book Trader Café, where you’ll find locals enjoying a good read along with fresh house-made food and gourmet coffee.

Find more ideas for visiting New Haven like a local here.


Collinsville – Washington Depot may have been the inspiration for Stars Hollow, but scenes for the pilot episode were filmed in this village of Canton.

While you’re there… drop in for breakfast at LaSalle Market, which looks so much like Luke’s Diner from the show, you’ll expect to see Luke behind the counter. After strolling Main Street—where you might run into some local troubadours!— search for treasures at these nearby antique shops that could rival Kim’s Antiques from the show.


Small Towns to Big Screens

Want to explore more? Connecticut towns have also played a part in many made-for-TV Christmas movies and Academy Award-nominated films.