Soulshine Salt Cavern

Have you ever experieinced a salt cave before?  Halotherapy is a holistic approach to everyday issues such as asthma, allergies, skin conditions, sleeping problems and helps your bodys immune system work more efficently. Enter the cave and relaxed  an anti-gravity chair while listening to the soothing sounds of the ocean. Let your mind drift off as the stress of day releases from your body and mind. As you rest in the comfort of the cavern, your body interacts with the salt that surrounds you providing your body with the support it needs in that moment. 

After your session is over, leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Sessions consists of a group of individuals in the Cavern and the sessions last about 45 minutes.

The salt cavern is being made using Himalayan salt.  The walls are lined in salt rock, creating an oasis rich with negative ions, providing the ideal micro-climate, free from toxins and pollutants. Meditate in our cave. Clear your mind while releasing tension.


352 Main St.
Durham, CT 06422
United States

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