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Salt of the Earth Therapeutic Spa

Here at Salt of the Earth, we embrace elements that support a life force for the human body: fire, water, air and earth. Mind, Body and Spirit work in unity, nurturing the whole self. Disruption of the delicate harmony of elements within the human body gives rise to disease. Salt of the Earth offers services to help you shift from imbalance,... Read More

Salt of the Earth Spa offers three Salt treatment rooms utilizing halotherapy. Now in two locations,  we offer several types of Infrared therapy, Crystal Light Therapy along with a variety of Specialty Massages. We offer classes for Yoga, Meditation and Journey Dance. Our stores offer a variety of items that support your health and keep you spiritually intuned! We are the Connecticut Distributor for Tourmaline Spring Water.

As a society, we are starting to see a change in the way we take care of ourselves, not just our bodies but also within our internal balance and state of mind. People are looking for other choices that support their health and wellbeing. It’s part of the “Wellness Movement.” Salt of the Earth is proud to be an advocate for a proactive and holistic approach to healing and joins those who embark upon the journey to utilize natural therapies that have been practiced since ancient times.

Other Amenities: ADA Compliant, Groups Welcome, Meeting/Event Facilities



787 Main St S
346 Main
Woodbury, CT 06798


Spa hours Tue.-Wed and Fridays. 10-6, Thurs 10-7, Sat. 10-5, Sun. 10-2. Closed Mondays

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