The Cloak & Wand

The Cloak and Wand is a local wizarding and witchcraft shop featuring a well-appointed potion bar. Owner and potion master E.P Bergreen, continues her family’s rich legacy of uniting the magical and non-magical communities by providing custom potions, magical items, and unique spells to everyone regardless of ability or talent.

The Shop: No matter if you are a member of the magical or non-magical community, we are sure to have something for you. Cloaks, wands, potions, brooms, enchanted plants, books, magical items, and apparel are just a few of the items you can find at our shop. For Wizarding and Witchcraft students, we have everything you need for school including school uniforms, books and stationery, small magical creatures, and spell and potion kits (please make sure to bring your school list when coming to the shop). 

The Potion Bar: The potion bar serves both magical and non-magical customers. Here you can order a custom potion especially brewed to resolve any issue or problem. The potions are made fresh on the spot by our potion masters and apprentices. All magical ingredients are sourced locally. They are truly delicious. Check out our custom potion menu for more information.

The Experience: For non-magical people, visiting a shop like the Cloak and Wand can be, at times, frightening and overwhelming; however, we are here to help and guide you when visiting us in person.

The Witching Tree: When entering, you will notice a giant tree in the middle of the shop. A witching tree is a common occurrence in the magical world. It provides protection from dark forces and can provide help and guidance in mysterious ways. The tree is very sensitive, so please no climbing or he might get angry.

Haunted Portraits Gallery: Some of our portraits are haunted, and, if you are lucky, you might be able to catch them moving.

Wizards and Witches on Demand: Apart from our team at the cloak and wand, you might be able to see some other wizards or witches through different magical portals. They will be happy to help you with any questions.

The Dark Corner: As we like to serve all members of the community, we also offer unique dark magic items in our dark corner of the shop (please ask the manager for help with dark objects as some items can mistakenly attack and kill you). 

Magical consultation:
We are happy to provide special magical consultation for our customers:
Potions consulting: Need a specific potion to solve an issue or a problem? Our potion masters will be happy to help and create a special potion for your needs.

Fortune consulting: Need some help figuring your future? Our experienced fortune tellers will be able to see and guide your future.

Time Travel consulting: Ever wanted to travel to the past? Visit your great, great grandparents? Meet Leonardo DaVinci? Buy Bitcoin when it was 2 cents? With the help of our affiliate licensed travel agents, we’ll be able to help you plan your journey and get your time passport.


Olde Mistick Village
Mystic, CT 06355
United States

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