Fall along the Merritt Parkway

Since 1934, drivers have enjoyed the Merritt Parkway's (Route 15) lush greenery in the summer and breathtaking colors during the fall. Drive up this historic highway, named a National Scenic Byway, and discover the area's charming farm towns, rich culture and exciting metropolitan centers.

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  • Fall

  • Bartlett Arboretum/Stamford Museum & Nature Center
  • Silvermine Guild Arts Center
  • Silverman’s Farm
  • Indian Wells State Park
Bartlett Arboretum & Gardens, Stamford

Bartlett Arboretum/Stamford Museum & Nature Center

From the Merritt headed north, take Exit 35/High Ridge Road, turning left onto 137 North to follow signs for the Bartlett Arboretum and Stamford Museum & Nature Center, until you see signs for the Arboretum, the perfect spot for fall foliage featuring 63 acres of trails, award-winning trees, gardens and greenhouses.

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Silvermine Arts Center, New Canaan

Silvermine Guild Arts Center

Further up the parkway, drop in to see the latest exhibit at the Silvermine Guild Arts Center in New Canaan, where artists have worked creatively, alone and in collaboration, for more than 100 years.

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Silverman's Farm, Easton

Silverman’s Farm

In Easton you’ll find Silverman's Farm, a pick-your-own orchard with apples and peaches as well as pumpkins, seasonal foods, flowers and cider, with tractor rides and live bluegrass music on Sundays

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Indian Well State Park, Shelton

Indian Wells State Park

Continue north to Monroe, where you’ll find Indian Wells State Park, a delightful place for an autumn ramble on paths that run alongside the Housatonic River. 

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