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Town of Stars Hollow

Home to friendly, somewhat eccentric characters, charming New England scenery and a fascinating, ever-changing history, you’ll find the town of Stars Hollow somewhere deep in the heart of Connecticut. This fictional setting for Gilmore Girls is home to many beloved spots inspired by Connecticut’s amazing small towns. Want more? Here’s a getaway that can get you close and personal with a few of the real Connecticut towns that inspired Stars Hollow. 


Town/City established:
Founded in 1779.

Named from:
A legend involving two star-crossed lovers who were drawn together at the spot where the town currently exists.

Not Litchfield.

Notable Citizens (past and present):
- Lorelai Gilmore
- Rory Gilmore
- Taylor Doose, Grocery Owner
- Mrs. Kim, Antique Shop Owner
- Gypsy, Town Mechanic
- Bootsy, Newstand Owner
- Sophie Bloom, Music Shop Owner

Top Attractions:
- Luke’s Diner
- The Gazebo
- Doose’s Market
- Chuchogogue
- Stars Hollow Arcade
- Definitely Not Third Street

Annual and Not-So-Annual Events:
- Revolutionary War Reenactment
- Charity Picnic Basket Auction
- Movie in the Square Night
- End of Summer Madness Festival
- Founders Firelight Festival
- Lorelei’s Birthday
- The Old Muddy River Bridge Knitathon

Quality of the town/city:
A Revolutionary War era town with an annual celebration of a battle that never actually occurred, Stars Hollow is nonetheless a wonderful New England town, close to (or possibly quite far from) many other Connecticut towns and attractions.


Be sure to check out a few Instagram pics of the Connecticut towns and sites that inspired Stars Hollow here!

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