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New Haven: Apizza History

For generations, New Haven’s reputation as a destination for apizza or “ah-beets” has quietly given the town bragging rights over both Chicago and New York. Today, it still draws aficionados from all over the country and even the world.

New Haven-style thin-crust pizza

Similar to traditional Neapolitan-style pizza and baked in a coal-fired brick oven, New Haven-style thin-crust pizza originated in the 1920s when Frank Pepe opened his first pizzeria on Wooster Street. When Frank’s nephew Sal Consiglio opened his own place, Sally’s, on the same street, a legendary rivalry — and equally legendary New Haven-style pizza — was born. After those restaurants were joined by Modern Apizza in the 1930s, New Haven took on a destination status, and today pizzerias like Da Legna, BAR and Grand Apizza carry on the tradition.

Popular foodie blog has a great explanation of what makes New Haven pizza distinctive.

And you can learn more about the great history of pizza in New Haven here.

Want to make your own? Learn to make New Haven style pizza with fun (and tasty) classes at the New Haven Pizza School!

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