12 Connecticut Travel Resolutions for 2023 Last Updated: December 2022

Every year around this time, we make resolutions for the year ahead. Most of these promises to ourselves don’t survive January, but we’ve got 10 resolution ideas that can easily be accomplished next year, all right here in Connecticut. So, make 2023 the year you …

1. Take Your Time Off!

Use all of your vacation days. Don’t save them for a rainy day. Use them, rain or shine. Even if you can’t take a big trip, taking smaller trips, closer to home, can be good for body, mind and soul. It’s also a great way to discover places in Connecticut you might not have time to get to on weekends. 

2. Experience an Escape Room.

Escape rooms are running away in popularity. Players are locked into a room and need to use items in the room to solve puzzles and find their way out of the room — all within a set time limit. Kids, teens, even groups of adults are discovering the fun and excitement of this interactive, brain challenging experience. Here are a few of the escape room-style adventures in Connecticut:

3. Discover the Serenity of Fly Fishing.

Some people think fly fishing is the ultimate form of relaxation. Requiring skill and patience, the sport makes an art form out of standing in a scenic river, casting your line, surrounded by natural beauty. Make this the year you try it for yourself, right here in Connecticut on our Housatonic and Farmington Rivers, where outfits like Housatonic River Outfitters can supply everything you need — and even offer lessons and a guided trip.

4. Learn to Soar Through the Air.

Ever wondered what it’s like to soar through the trees or just above the surface of a lake on a zip line? This thrilling experience gives you the chance to fly, safely and securely through beautiful natural surroundings, sometimes even in at night! Here are a few of the zip line attractions in Connecticut:

5. Float Your Cares Away.

Here in Connecticut, we’ve got spas, wellness centers and other places that help you experience the best in relaxation and mindfulness. But one thing you may not have experienced is floating in an isolation tank! This sensation is the ultimate in letting go, offering stress relief and meditative benefits unlike any other experience. And, it’s something you can try any time, at any of these locations in Connecticut:

6. Sleep in a Lighthouse.

Ever dreamed of sleeping in a lighthouse? The unique and playful Lighthouse Suite at Saybrook Point Inn & Spa in Old Saybrook offers views of Long Island Sound and the Connecticut River as you fall asleep next to a dock filled with boats. Or book a stay at one of Connecticut's other unconventional accommodations — from treehouses and yurts to storybook cottages, helicopters, and more!

7. Learn to Cook Like a Chef.

Wish you could cook like the chefs in your favorite restaurant? Or do you like to cook, but want to up your game a bit? At The Fig Cooking School in Hamden you can take cooking classes that give you everything from gourmet skills to nutritious cooking ideas, to ways to enjoy time with your kids in the kitchen.

8. Experience the Thrill of a Balloon Ride.

Hot air balloons offer an amazing experience as you gently, quietly drift above some of Connecticut’s most dramatic scenery, from forests and farmland to rolling hills and river views. There are quite a few companies offering this rides at different times throughout the year. Find some of them here, or check out a few of the most popular companies:

9. Go Skydiving.

Is 2020 the year you face your fears and give yourself the ultimate adrenaline shot? Skydive Danielson is a USPA Certified Skydive Center offering tandem dives, one-on-one instruction and safety training by a skilled and certified instructor. Entering the drop zone from two miles above Connecticut’s Last Green Valley, you’ll experience free fall and a parachute ride that’s unlike anything you’ve ever known.

10. Segway Through History.

Gliding through historic sights and beachfront towns on a two-wheeled motorized Segway is a terrific way to take a tour of some of Connecticut’s most interesting places. You’ll be equipped with some brief training and safety instructions, not to mention a helmet, and then you’re ready to get out there and wheel your way through a truly memorable day out.

11. Smash Stuff.

Yes, there are places where you can have fun — and blow off steam — bu destroying breakable objects. Demolish old electronics and glassware with your "weapon of choice" at Smash Avenue.

12. Solve a Murder Mystery.

This year, play detective. Figure out who dunnit with an exclusive interactive game of mystery and murder behind the closed doors of Saybrook Point. Or solve a mealtime mystery when you try out The Dinner Dectective.

Resolve to Enjoy Connecticut All Year Round!

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