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Connecticut Landmarks You Must Visit

We’re excited to welcome a new CT Ambassador, Deb Cohen of The Front Door Project, a blog dedicated to memorable and unique architecture, including the beautiful, welcoming appeal of front doors throughout Connecticut and beyond. Deb recently took a trip to a few of Connecticut’s most intriguing landmarks, and she shares her experience here.

What is a landmark, exactly? Is it a building? A statue? A rock? All of the above can be true! Among other definitions, Merriam-Webster describes it as “a conspicuous object on land that marks a locality”, or “a structure of unusual historical and usually aesthetic interest”. Like any state, Connecticut has its own unique set of landmarks and I set out recently to learn more about those both familiar and new to me. Although by no means comprehensive, the following are unquestionably high on the list of places residents and visitors alike should be sure to see as they explore all that Connecticut has to offer.

The Front Door Project

Deb Cohen is a lifelong Connecticut resident with a passion for architecture, history, and local travel. She also believes that a good front door adds instant curb appeal and is a focal point of a home, and through her photography provides inspiration for others to create the curb appeal of their dreams. When she isn't busy traveling, taking pictures, or writing, she keeps busy with family, friends, and her two beautiful golden retriever rescue dogs. To see more of Deb's work, visit or find her on Instagram @thefrontdoorproject.

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