Town of Harwinton

Harwinton maintains its hometown rural atomsphere while closely managing its growth. It boasts a land trust hwich owns nearly 200 acres of open space featuring trails and wildlife observation areas. Its two historic districts feature homes from the 18th century through the 20th century. Hawinton's annual country fari is one the oldest agricultural fairs in New England.

Harwinton was primarily an agricultural community with many industries carried on in conjunction with farming. Products produced included pitchforks, clocks, bricks, lumber, tin ware, bricks, hats, cutlery, whetstones and barrels.

Today the town boasts two historic districts and one historic property which include some lovely houses from the early days and more modern homes that blend in with the rural character of the town. There is a land trust which manages over 170 acres of open space that includes hiking trails and wildlife observation areas.