Backpack Adventures

Connecticut welcomes backpackers with camping zones in a number of rustic locations around the state. Here’s a hike with two overnights that will take you across the spectacular peaks and valleys of Northwest Connecticut. You can find details for this and other backpacking trips here.

1-3 days

  • Summer

  • Cornwall Bridge to Bunker Hill
  • Bunker Hill to Dean Ravine
  • Dean Ravine to Appalachian Trail
West Cornwall Covered Bridge, West Cornwall

Cornwall Bridge to Bunker Hill

The Mohawk Trail in Connecticut was once part of the original Appalachian Trail until a routing change in the 1980s. Today it runs some 23 miles through some of the state’s most spectacular scenery – but you must be fit, very fit, to take on this challenge. This first leg runs 9.4 miles, going quickly uphill from Connecticut’s most famous covered bridge. Primarily a ridge walk, the trail attains a height of 1,450 feet and offers great views across Cornwall Valley. Then comes a steep and sometimes dangerous descent, then through Cathedral Pines and eventually through a black spruce bog to your lean-to near the entrance to Mohawk State Forest.

Bunker Hill to Dean Ravine

Some serious ups and downs on the next day’s 9.2-mile trek. Up to the summit of Red Mountain, down into Cornwall Hollow, a steep rise to magnificent views of forest and farmland, a ridge walk past wetlands and wildlife ponds, and a few more rises and falls before you can rest for the night at your Pine Knoll lean-to.

By the way, the definitive guides to these blue-blazed trails are the Walk Books published by the Connecticut Park & Forest Association.

Dean Ravine to Appalachian Trail

Day 3 is comparatively a walk in the park – only a little over 3 miles to where the northern terminus of the Mohawk Trail joins the Appalachian Trail, which continues its merry meanderings all the way up to Maine. But just because it’s a short hike doesn’t mean it’s easy – in fact it’s not recommended for inexperienced hikers, children, dogs or those who are not physically fit.

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