Eligibility - Connecticut Open House Day

Connecticut Open House Day, now in its 20th year, is an annual event held on the second Saturday of June. The purpose of this event is to inspire Connecticut residents to learn about all the experiences in their own backyard, anticipating that this will 

Why Participate This Year?

  • Acquaint/reacquaint Connecticut residents with the recreational experience you offer.
  • Build pride and awareness among Connecticut residents in all the unique treasures Connecticut has to offer.
  • Be part of a statewide effort that will generate publicity and potential exposure for your business
  • It’s free to participate and need not cost you anything this year

What Requirements are There for Eligibility to Participate in Connecticut Open House Day?

  • The business must be located in Connecticut. Any performing and visual arts need to be based in Connecticut.
  • The purpose of the experience offered is to enhance awareness and interest in the state’s tourism assets.
  • The experience enhances and supports the image of Connecticut as defined in the Connecticut Office of Tourism.

How Does a Business Participate in the 2024 Connecticut Open House Day?

It’s free and easy to be a part of this popular event. All you need to do is:

1. If you wish to participate, determine what you would like to offer. You must offer an incentive in order to participate. For example:

  • Free or reduced admission all day.
  • Free or reduced admission for four hours.
  • Free or reduced admission for the first 25 visitors.
  • A free item with paid admission.

2. Register as a participant in the event and submit a description and photo here.


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