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  • Active Adventures

    Active Adventures

    How do you most want to see Connecticut this summer? There are so many possibilities: hiking, biking, boating or by motorcycle, just to name a few. Here’s our insider’s guide to seeing the most of Connecticut and getting the most out of your stay.

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  • Arts & Culture

    Arts & Culture

    Connecticut’s cultural riches can be found in its buildings, institutions and art treasures. This summer, come celebrate some notable cultural twofers, see what’s new on the old straw hat circuit, visit the homes of some of our most celebrated, and creative, artistic geniuses, and catch up on your summer reading, Connecticut-style.

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  • Family Fun

    Family Fun

    Come to Connecticut this summer and bring some family memories back home with you. For example, it’ll be hard for your kids to forget riding on an old-time train or trolley, feeding a newborn farm animal or standing toe-to-toe with a T-Rex.

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  • History


    Looking forward to a visit that looks backward? Connecticut’s rich history is always on display just around the next turn in the road – and these forts, bridges, Victorian mansions and state parks are merely a taste of all that’s in store.

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  • Rest & Relaxation

    Rest & Relaxation

    Why not come to Connecticut this summer to rest, relax and enjoy each other’s company? The things for the two of you to take in are as varied and interesting as you are, whether they be island hopping, classic drive-in food, public gardens or native foods.

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